The Draycott Brewing Company team is made up of three key folks: Rob Shooter (Brewer) Pete Hounslow (Distiller) and of course Greg Maskalick (Owner and Window Washer / Floor Sweeper). This tremendous team works together to make the best real ales, artisan gin, moonshine and single malt spirits around. 


Greg is a retired Senior School teacher and musician. He always enjoyed making beer and decided 6 years ago to make a hobby into a profession. After six years The Draycott Brewing Company is on a solid business footing and prepared to take on the world in beer and spirits. 


Rob is a former police officer and pub landlord who is enjoying brewing in retirement. His attention to detail and perfection in product is second to none. You know when Rob is involved things are always going to be top quality.


Pete brewed beer for over 30 years making incredible award-winning ales. Of course, he helps out on the brewing side of things imparting his vast knowledge and experience upon us. Pete is now enjoying distilling and making new and exciting single malt spirit products which you can view on our Shop page.