If you want best quality, best taste and best value from your artisan beer and spirits then there is only one brewery and distillery to come to: The Draycott Brewing Company Ltd. We guarantee every drop we make will be perfect, refreshing and satisfying. Lastly, where else can you find our vast selection of real ales and spirits, all hand crafted? Only one place. Right here!  

Please select any of our artisan beers you want. All orders are in cases of 12 bottles, 500ml each. To keep things simple we keep the price the same no matter the ABV. £30.00 a case. There will be some beers marked “Special” as they are very expensive to make so they will go for a little extra.


Our artisan spirit selection includes Moonshine, Gin and SSVASY. Descriptions of these are by each product. These are priced individually and are available in 500ml bottles only.